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These products have either been discontinued, or perhaps have made their way back to us post-purchase for a myriad of reasons—it may have been a case of “not-the-right-fit-itis”, got caught up in a color identity crisis (“the blue was too epic for me”), or it just faced a whimsical change of heart from its previous owner. Sometimes, its packaging has taken a bit of a beating, much like a piñata at a birthday bash, so we may rehome it in a new (possibly unbranded) packaging when sending it your way. Fear not, every returned item undergoes a Cubix Outdoors inspection ritual to ensure it’s up to snuff, and still carries our lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.  But due to the rock-bottom, grab-it-now-before-your-neighbor-does pricing, our usual "30-Day Return For Free Policy" doesn’t apply for this site. If you've changed your mind, just pay for return shipping and we will refund you upon receipt and inspection of the unit.

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